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Tastes of Life: To the Market We Go…

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In my last blog I hinted about more stories from the trip to Bordeaux. I have been trying to remember the names of the several towns where we went to the markets in the mornings to select the meat, fish, and incredibly fresh produce that we would be working with and cooking that day. Having never experienced a European market place, I had no expectations and so everything was a surprise as every one of my senses was stimulated, especially visually.

Indoor market

This new world I was exploring felt endless in the streams of people and array of foods that surrounded me. Thank goodness that Jean Pierre MoullĂ© knew just where to lead us, though at times I was tempted to follow where my eyes were drawing me. I was mesmerized, curious, and wanted to see and touch everything; … Read More »

Tastes of Life: Cooking in Bordeaux

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Lunch in Bordeaux – photo by A. Bowen

Ten years ago, the landscape of my culinary world expanded with an intimate cooking and wine experience in Bordeaux with Jean Pierre and Denise MoullĂ© I have to be honest and say that I was completely ignorant of what lay ahead in this cooking experience. Friends had interested us in this trip and I was just happy to be taking it. Cooking in France sounded intriguing though not intimidating because I was used to certain elements and styles of European cooking; both my parents were immigrants from Poland. That said, I had little knowledge of all that was ahead of me, especially the chef we were going to be cooking with and learning from. Jean Pierre was well known because, up until his recent retirement, he was for … Read More »