Spiritual Journey: Gathering Wisdom

Gathering Wisdom

Posted on February 3rd, by Win Day in Spiritual Journey: Gathering Wisdom. Comments Off on Gathering Wisdom

I often speak of the Universe and want to share what that means to me. I tend to use the word Universe interchangeable with the word God; the belief in and presence of a higher divine power in my life.

To me the universe is also a descriptive for not only the rich infinite expansiveness that is around us, but that which is held within each of us; I believe there is a deep universe inside of us and whether one was to travel through the universe of self or the universe outside of self eventually one would discover the same origin.

On a daily basis, I live connected to my intuition and spirit, and I strive to gain greater awareness of what exists in-between and beyond all that surrounds me; all that is part of the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and … Read More »

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