Tim Baldwin

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“HATTIE the novel is a very special story that instantly and consistently draws the reader in. Its power comes not only from Hattie’s recollection of thoughts and key life events but from the structure – or anti-structure – the novel follows. Purposefully done, the setting in which Hattie’s life takes place is blurred just enough for her words to resonate in the hearts and minds of readers of any age. Evident throughout the novel, Anna Bowen made deliberate choices with syntax, diction, and structure in order to create HATTIE’s unique milieu.

Hattie’s appeal to emotion is never forced and never gender based, as I found even myself empathizing with each trauma Hattie went through. No matter if the reader is male or female, Hattie’s words allow one’s self to be easily put into her shoes. These same words pull in the reader as if he/she were right there in the room going through the same emotional and spiritual journey Hattie so boldly went through.

What is guaranteed is that each and every reader will walk away from HATTIE just a little bit changed – the story forever apart of one’s life. She brings a wise perspective to life’s traumatic and evil side that left me feeling hopeful and confident in my own journey. Does Hattie bring comfort, inquisition, wonder, and even turmoil? Yes, but it is up to each reader to decide what it is that he/she will take away from the experience.

I know I will carry Hattie everywhere I go and will revisit her time and time again.”

– Tim Baldwin , Amazon and Goodreads Review