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“Hattie” is written in a very inventive way–the structure of the story isn’t linear. . .it meanders just like our inner most thoughts. That is very much in keeping with the most contemporary writers that we’ve been reading in our book club which concentrates on “prize winners” like the Booker Prize. I found many powerful observations in the book, but probably my favorite was on p. 264 in the section about living alone and talking to yourself: “Living alone is knowing that you open the door for yourself and there is no need to keep it open after you pass through it.” and the rest of that section (paperback edition)Get I. Bowen devised a very strong, sympathetic character in “Hattie” and I’m glad that Sam came along for her. Keep writing, Ms. Bowen. .. the world needs what you have to offer.

Nancy Mayer July 2014