Kathy Pooler

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HATTIE is an engaging and memorable story of a woman who endures much heartbreak yet survives to tell the truths of her life. The author weaves an intriguing narrative by starting and ending with the protagonist’s, Hattie’s, death. Anna’s writing is concise, lyrical and captivating as she touches upon the universal themes of love, loss and what it feels like to be fully human, in a unique and mesmerizing way.

Hattie’s character is courageous, resilient and lovable and I found myself relating to her trials and triumphs on a deeply personal level as a wife, mother and woman. Hattie comes alive on the page and at the end, when she finally finds her voice, I am satisfied and relieved. This is an impressive and enjoyable debut novel by Anna Bozena Bowen. It is well-crafted and well-paced and leaves me wanting to read more from her.

Kathy Pooler, Amazon Review