HCC Alumni award highlights Bowen and HATTIE

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HCC Distinguished Alumni Award @014

On May 1st the 2014 Holyoke Community College Distinguished Alumni award dinner was held in the beautiful setting of the Log Cabin in Holyoke MA. Heartfelt and revealing stories were told about the two award recipients – Pat Grenier and Anna Bowen. Bowen’s bicultural experiences, her nursing career, her impressive student experiences at HCC, and her writing journey with her novel HATTIE were highlighted by three speakers – Donna Scanlon, Professor Jim Dutcher, and Doug Bowen – who shared stories about Anna’s life. Doug, Anna’s husband, described her in these words, “When I think about Anna, I think about the word “light.” Light, as in something that makes things visible and affords illumination. Light that provides warmth.” What a wonderful tribute!