HATTIE the novel Launch Party at Odyssey Books

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I have always loved books, and when in my thirties I discovered my love for writing. I began to write poetry, and in time HATTIE the novel emerged. One of the places I found inspiration and encouragement was amidst the stacks of fiction and non fiction books at the Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley MA. In time I shared my aspirations about my novel with Joan Grenier the proprietor of the Odyssey. Year after year, I would come into the bookshop and she would ask me how my novel was coming along.HATTIE the Naovel Launch Party at Odyssey Books

This fall I was thrilled to tell Joan that HATTIE was published. In response she invited me to have my book launch at the Odyssey. I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate setting. On November 1st 2012 HATTIE the novel that I held for twenty years had its debut at the Odyssey Bookshop. There were over 90 people in attendance! I was deeply moved by the support and encouragement from family, friends, and others who came to hear about HATTIE. I read excerpts from novel, answered questions, talked about my writing process, and signed books. My only regret was that there weren’t two of me so I could simultaneously sign books and also be in the crowd, participate in the many conversations that were going on, and enjoy the refreshments. But it wasn’t too long before someone brought me glasses of white and red wine to keep me company as I signed books and chatted with those in line. I was inspired and deeply touched by what readers were saying about HATTIE the novel; there were many affirmative responses, and also meaningful questions which reinforced that HATTIE the novel is an excellent selection for book clubs. Thank you to everyone who attended for being there for me and for HATTIE.