A Forty Year Affair

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My recent blog posts are related to a course I am taking through Bay path University for my MFA in Creative Non Fiction

A Forty Year Affair

As I reminisce about the independent bookstores I spent time in over the decades I remember the enthusiasm, comfort, and nooks and crannies where discoveries were made. I think of relationships to the books, to the people in the store, and a growing relationship to myself. So many books holding authors’ words, thoughts and energies. I think of my journeys to get to the bookstores, and the journeys I took within the shop walls; once through the doors my eyes roamed the shelves, my fingers reached out for books that spoke to me. Sometimes I sought out specific titles, other times I waited for my intuition to guide me to a book. When … Read More »

What is a Colophon?

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“A Finishing Touch”

The “Colophon” was so obvious and persistent in its presence as I looked at thousands of book spines over my lifetime. Yet, its meaning, history and significance were unknown to me. Also unknown was its relationship to “imprints,” another term I learned in my Intro to Publishing course. It’s not that I didn’t notice the different symbols at the bottom of book spines. I just never gave them much consideration, nor did I know what they were called, or what information this emblem offered about the publisher.

I recall the moment in zoom class when our teacher Kate mentioned this word amidst other information as we discussed major publishing houses and their many imprints (smaller houses within the larger ones). As the word colophon slipped past my ear I didn’t know if I heard it right. What … Read More »